Dave Kriss

Dave Kris, employee at Line of Heros

About Dave

David Kriss grew up in Sterling Heights and is married with two adult children and currently resides in Romeo Michigan. 

David Kriss is a 23 veteran of the Warren Police Department.  During which time he has been a patrol officer for 11 years before promoting to Detective Corporal and being assigned to the detective bureau.  While a detective he was assigned as the fraud detective, arson detective, squad one major crimes investigator and finally as an undercover officer in the multi-jurisdictional Macomb Auto Theft Squad.  As a detective he has investigated police shootings, homicides, bank robberies, in custody deaths, criminal enterprises and arsons.

In the above assignments he has worked with the F.B.I, ATF, Homeland Security, IRS, Secret Service and Border Patrol along with state and local law enforcement.  

Upon promotion to lieutenant he has been assigned to patrol as a shift supervisor, Internal Affairs, Executive Lieutenant of the Patrol Division and Executive Lieutenant of the Investigative Services Bureau.  

His duties have involved liaising with local courts both district and circuit, other law enforcement agencies and the prosecutor’s office.  He has supervised investigation of officer involved shootings and has served on the departmental gun board.  He has also conducted promotional oral boards for corporal, sergeant and lieutenant.  He has organized departmental response to presidential and presidential contender visits and civil protests and worked with corporate counsel for response to lawsuits filed against the city and individual officers and supervision. 

He has dealt firsthand with officers in mental distress and witnessed firsthand the toll a career in law enforcement can take on the well-being of officers and their families.  This has included the suicide of a coworker in 2021.  He has a close family member who has served in combat in the US Marines and witnessed the effects and difficulty he has had in dealing with PTSD along with the stigma he feels is associated with seeking treatment.