Supporting our First Responders in Their Mental Fitness

At Lines of Heroes, we are dedicated to supporting the mental fitness of our nation’s true heroes—the first responders who tirelessly serve and protect our communities. From active and retired military personnel to first responders, nurses, dispatchers, firefighters, police officers, EMS professionals, and corrections personnel, we recognize the unwavering commitment and sacrifices made by these brave individuals every day.

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Here for the Heroes

At Lines of Heroes, we firmly believe that our heroes deserve unwavering support, understanding, and access to the resources they need to thrive. Join us in our mission to ensure the mental fitness of those who selflessly serve and protect us all.
Together, let’s make a lasting difference in the lives of our heroes.


Before Mental Health, We Strive for Mental Fitness

We understand that mental fitness is the foundation for overall well-being and resilience. Our focus goes beyond just addressing mental health concerns; we strive to promote and enhance the mental fitness of our heroes.

Where We Started

Our Story

As someone who worked as a police officer for 28 years and experienced post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) firsthand, I understand just how important it is to have access to resources and support when dealing with mental health challenges.

Mental illness can take an immeasurable toll on first responders and and their families. According to the latest CDC statistics, First Responders & Military services have seen a 54% increase in suicide risk compared to the general population. In the first national study of its size, researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine and UC San Diego Health, Department of Nursing, nurses are at higher risk of suicide than the general population.

It was from a personal understanding of this need that Lines of Heroes was born, with a steadfast mission to bring mental health support to those who live to help others. Join me in this mission.

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Supporting our Heroes Through Events, Initiatives, and Resources.

  • The Four Walls

    As a dedicated police officer who served for many years and personally experienced mental health challenges throughout my career, I deeply understand the immense significance of the “4 walls of support” offered by my…

Program Highlight

Real Estate Partnership Program

Through partnerships with real estate professionals, we offer substantial realtor fee discounts to first responders, making homeownership more accessible. Additionally, many of our realtor partners have committed to donate a percentage of their commission from each sale is directed back to the first responder community through vetted programs and initiatives. Through this program and others, we strive to improve the lives of our heroes, funding scholarships, supporting families of fallen heroes, and assisting with critical expenses. And, by alleviating financial burdens, we hope to empower first responders to live happy, healthy lives. We welcome you to join this mission of gratitude and service.

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